Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Can I give stock as a gift ?

Stocks, bonds or any other securities can be transferred as gifts. Giving the gift of stock also has benefits for the giver. If the stock has appreciated in value, the holder can avoid paying the capital gains tax by giving it as a gift. There are two methods in transferring the ownership of a stock, which depend on how it is currently being held. Now-a-days stocks are hold in electronic form (and not in physical form) which stored in a brokerage account. To gift his stock, the owner should gather the brokerage account information of the person/party they are gifting. The next step is to contact the gifter's broker, pass on the new account information, and order the electronic transfer to the other person/party.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Inflation eases to 13-month low, at 4.28%

The wholesale price index-based inflation declined sharply to a 13-month low at 4.28 per cent for the week ended June 9, down from 4.80 per cent in the previous week.
Inflation was at 5.29 per cent in the corresponding period of the previous year. Higher comparative prices last year during the same week (the base effect) and a decline in prices of primary food articles contributed to lower wholesale inflation.
Finance Minister P Chidambaram attributed the fall in inflation to monetary tightening by the Reserve Bank of India, but said, “It is too early to draw any conclusion. We need to watch inflation in the next 4-5 weeks”.
Analysts agree with Chidambaram’s views. “Various measures taken by the RBI and the government have started yielding results. However, market remains concerned about prices of primary articles,” said Arun Kaul, general manager (treasury), Punjab National Bank.