Thursday, July 3, 2008

Franchise Business in India

India is called a developing country, as we don't have another classification as a rapidly developing country. Let me today put some light on India in the franchise business.(Hey hey if you don't know what franchise business is and what exactly you should do to own a fanchisee then you should first read : What is a franchise business??.) The Franchise business isn't new in India and it's early days date back to 1990's. Today India has many franchise businesses of foriegn brands like KFC, McDonald's, Holiday Inn, Gold's Gym, Marks and Spencers and they have reached not only first tier but also many second tier cities in India and they are running successfully.

After 1990 the franchise business has boomed by leaps and bounds and there are many success stories to tell. Franchise business industry in India records a growth of 30%-35% per year from the past 5 years. And yes why not, because the core thing for any business to be succesful is the customers. And India has lot of it- and the world knows this, as a result many multi national companies are happy to offer franchise to Indian businessmans. One of the latest offering I know is of "beard papa's" from Japan. They are an international quality brand when it comes to cream puff's and they are inviting Master Franchisees.

The 4 sectors which have show the most rapid growth in franchise business in India are telecom sector, food sector, retail sector and education sector. These are all poised to grow with rate above 40% per annum atleast for the next 5-6 years. Food and retail sector have seen tremendous growth because the spending power of indian middle class is increasing. Read a splendid article about India's retail sector - India's retail sector is Boooooming...??.

Apart from these 4 sectors, the brewerage industry,health,beauty, and tourism are next to sparkle. India has favourable conditions for any fresh business to florish, also the competition is not as intense as in US and there are a lot of customers-hope you know that India is second largest in population- you don't need to be the king of your sector, you can be not even in top 10 but still you business may grow by leaps and bounds and you will have good profit margin. Couple this with the low rate of francise failure in India and significant return of investment and you will realise India's potential in franchise businesses.